Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An INDIAN woman puts milestone

In age of 15 she got married, after marriage she had to work for her husband family in very young age of playing. But as she is an INDIAN woman so she accept the tradition of rural housewife in innocent age. But, in age of 19 her husband died and he left her alone with four daughter.

Her name is Vimalesh, after death of her husband, she left her in-laws home and lived with his poor father in Nagouri town of Rajasthan State. she had the responsibility of her poor family, which has nine members on her young soulder. Vimalesh, fought against the rural barrier for which made by some biased or narrowminded persons and she choosed very typical job of Truck Driver, which considered very much difficult for woman in INDIA. But, Vimalesh became a good driver and now drivering truck between Surat (Gujarat- born state of father of nation Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi or "Bapu" or "Mahatma", who tought the lession of peace and non-violance to the whole world) and Jodhpur (Rajasthan-Most cultural and colourful state of INDIA also has Thar Desert).

Now, Vimalesh in forties of her age and have very stable life or family.She had a respectiful status in society and also have dignity. But her struggle or positive approach makes her different from others. She puts a milestone in rural INDIAN society for women.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It was time when everyone in village tried hard to save themself and their families. Nobody bother about other villagers, as there village covered with flooded water. It was the flood situation of TekePaar Village, in a tribal district of Balaghant, located in heart land of INDIA.

Flood water reached in every house of village, and it was kept on rising.Now villagers were shifting towards highty place for saving their lives. It was very difficult task, and for old people and children it seems impossible. But a young man Amarlal Dhamde( In Hindi or Devnagari language name is Amar +Lal, and Amar means, never ending) shifted about 100 villagers of 70 families upto highty place in very critical flood situation. He dedicated for saving the lives of villagers, while saving their life he forgot about his own life and he was drown.

"He was God for us as he gave his life for saving the lives of 100 villagers", said Nandlal, whose family had also saved by Amarlal.

"He was set up an example of courage for youths. His sacrifies was always live in the mind of people now he was Amar (Never ending) ", expressed by Amrit ( Nector means in Hindi)Limhare. Amrit was close friend of Amar who also helped Amar for saving the lives of villagers.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Educated inmates teach their illetrate colleagues in Jail of Central INDIAN state

One of unique and positive decision taken by Jail department of Central INDIAN state of Madhya Pradesh could change the remaining life of illetrate inmates. After releasing from Jail they can entertain a life of good and responsible citizen, and they can serve their mother or native land.

The Jail department of heart state of INDIA would start it as a literacy campaign. Under this literacy campaign the educated prisoners teach their illetrate friend."Our higher authorities take this step as a part of reforms measures in Jail", said a junior staff member of Bhopal Jail while his duty time near RGPV College of Engineering.

Some inmates are continuing their studies from Jail. Jail department officer's take them time to time for appearing in their Board or University Exams. "I had completed my M.A. (Ma ", said a M.A. previous from Jail" said a Jail inmate.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

INDIAN Devotion: INDIAN Female Sex Workers stop their job for ten days

They all decided that they all stop working for ten days and totally dip in the devotion of God Ganesha as whole INDIA celebrating ten days long Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Who are they?, They are devotees of God Ganesha, as God Ganesh does not see any different between them and any other divotee, but men makes different by professon. Yes, they are all female sex workers and not doing any work or not attract any client duing Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

In Red Light area of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, located in centre of INDIA. Members of Bediya Community ( This community involve in sex workers profession, they sells their young girls for becoming sex workers, they are traditionally doing this profession) celebrates Ganesh Festival, as they decorated a tableua of 12 feet long God Ganesha, in red light area of Shivpuri district.

"Hindu is very reach religion in sense of devotion and sacrific, this story of female workers shows that quality of Hindu religion.

INDIAN Women Power: An INDIAN woman saved the lives of 40 bounded labourers

INDIA, is mother of brave and courageous children, One of her daughter shows extreme bravery and co-operation, by which she saves the life of 40 bounded labourers.

Rajana Dixit, advocate by professon in Bhopal (City of Lake, Taj-Ul-Masajid or capital of heart state of INDIA) Court, helped two labourers Ganesh Singh and Ramavtar Singh, both were run away from a Crashen (It's a workplace where big stones are split into different size of stone, it need heavy machinery and lots of labours), located in Devri, nearby Saagar district (Saagar district, known for Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, whoes Pharmacy department famous in foreign countries only due to its pure standard). Ganesh and Ramavtar were among the 40 bounded labourers working of Crashen in Devri, but they escaped from Crashen and asked help from Ranjana Dixit for saving the lives of other bounded labourers. Than Ranjana, filed a petition against owner of Crashen, in Madhya Pradesh Human Right Commission, and arranged a meeting of these two labourers with assistant Labour Commissior of state. Than Officers took this case seriously and got free all 40 labourers from Crashen.

This success true story only got sucess by the co-operation and wonderful approach of Ranjana Dixit, I proudly say that she represent the power of INDIAN Women.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sign of INDIAN harmony

A 200 year old Chuch, which was constructed in 1805, in Hoshangabad town (currently famous for Soyabean crop), 60km from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, (Sanchi, Khajurao and Bhimvetka like UN's heritage site sitauted), will be restore by the fund collected from the local people of town.

Hoshangabad town, known for holy river Narmada and temple of Hindu Gods, so most of Hindus are live in this town, and Christian are very less in quantity. But, people of all religion come up with their financial support for restoring this old Church.

The step of collecting fund from people of all religion is an idea of Mr. Kidwai, District Megistrate. "As Hoshangabad is an Hindu pilgrimage, so all people of this town have responsibility, to care all religious place it's doen not any matter from which religion they belong" said Mr. Kidwai.

The Chuch is most old church of Madhya Pradesh state.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

INDIAN man use blood for peace appeal to Osama Bin Laden

Dr. Mahesh Yadav, an activist of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council sketch a potrait of Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden and writes an appeal for world peace, by his own blood.In Yadav's bloody appeal to Osama:

The path of violance and terror adopted by you can be a medium to terrorize the world to fulfill your inhuman interests. You can threat the world and you can bring about a destruction in the world, by proceeding on this path, but can it be possible for you to bring about any creation in the world to find a place in the hearts. IF NOT.........!

Then what you will gain out of this destruction?

Allah! had have endowed on theyou abundant strength and energy, whose destructive scenenario in the form of 9/11 tragedy had shaken the humanity as a whole.And, if you will utilize your this energy for the sake of peace and harmony, then surely you will be seen as an angel. Because, it is my wish that you must stop this "Innocents Blood shedding scenario" and adopt the Gandhian way of "Truth and Non-Violence", hence I am writing you this appeal, drenched with my own blood.

This message by Dr. Yadav introduces the INDIAN mind of peace and non-violance.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Should Mercy Killing Be Legalised in INDIA?

Hope, Love and Faith gives fruitful and dignified life to human being. Everyone in the world has the right of living and dying. Human being and animals both are creation of the same God, but human beings live with dignity and also have right of good and dignified death.

If any person suffers from any incurable disease and want to die, it means that he is demanding a painless and dignified death, than he should be allowed to die or killed by doctor i.e. he should be allowed th commit physically assisted suicide because it is his right. For making this type of death reasonable, mercy killing should be legalised.

Euthanasia i.e. when a patient issuffering from any incurable disease and there is no hope of any recovery, than he can for physically assisted suicide or mercy killing. Euthanasia is legalised in Netherland and Belgium.Due to some disadvantage of mercy killing the hot debate is going in many countries. For overcoming the disadvantageof mercy killing or euthanasia the public of United States suggested legalisation of living will, a statement written by a mentally alert patient in which he seeks the delebrate death with dignity statue. So mercy killing should be legalised in the form of legalisation of living will.

It is doctor's duty to restore the heath of his patients and reducing their sufferings. Now in some typical cases patients have no hope of any recovery and their sufferings are continuously increasing.Now, for ending their suffering they needed "mercy death", now its doctor's duty to reduce their suffering so he should assist his patiets for "seeking suicite" for performing his job honestly and littlebit of kindness. In such cases many doctors are punished indirectly they are punishes for their dutyfullness, this is very wrong message for professionals or human being. So Mercy killing should be legalised.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Positive Aproach: Changing mindset of INDIAN rural society

Banjara community, calls the one of most backward community in rural Central INDIA. But one dicision taken by the authority (Panchayat) of Bajara community of Laxmanpura village, in Madhya Pradesh state.

Merriage of Prem Singh, son of Nathu Singh, Laxmanpura village sets with Pipalibai daughter, of Babu Singh, Raina village. But Prem Singh refused to marry with Pipalibai, as she has short hight (dwaft). Then Babu Singh took this matter at fron of Village authority (Panchayat). Panchayat took the matter very seriously and fined 13,000 (around $290), at Nathu Singh's family.

It shows the positive and changing approach of rural INDIAN society, which is consider biased of tradition.