Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An INDIAN woman puts milestone

In age of 15 she got married, after marriage she had to work for her husband family in very young age of playing. But as she is an INDIAN woman so she accept the tradition of rural housewife in innocent age. But, in age of 19 her husband died and he left her alone with four daughter.

Her name is Vimalesh, after death of her husband, she left her in-laws home and lived with his poor father in Nagouri town of Rajasthan State. she had the responsibility of her poor family, which has nine members on her young soulder. Vimalesh, fought against the rural barrier for which made by some biased or narrowminded persons and she choosed very typical job of Truck Driver, which considered very much difficult for woman in INDIA. But, Vimalesh became a good driver and now drivering truck between Surat (Gujarat- born state of father of nation Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi or "Bapu" or "Mahatma", who tought the lession of peace and non-violance to the whole world) and Jodhpur (Rajasthan-Most cultural and colourful state of INDIA also has Thar Desert).

Now, Vimalesh in forties of her age and have very stable life or family.She had a respectiful status in society and also have dignity. But her struggle or positive approach makes her different from others. She puts a milestone in rural INDIAN society for women.


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