Monday, September 19, 2005

Educated inmates teach their illetrate colleagues in Jail of Central INDIAN state

One of unique and positive decision taken by Jail department of Central INDIAN state of Madhya Pradesh could change the remaining life of illetrate inmates. After releasing from Jail they can entertain a life of good and responsible citizen, and they can serve their mother or native land.

The Jail department of heart state of INDIA would start it as a literacy campaign. Under this literacy campaign the educated prisoners teach their illetrate friend."Our higher authorities take this step as a part of reforms measures in Jail", said a junior staff member of Bhopal Jail while his duty time near RGPV College of Engineering.

Some inmates are continuing their studies from Jail. Jail department officer's take them time to time for appearing in their Board or University Exams. "I had completed my M.A. (Ma ", said a M.A. previous from Jail" said a Jail inmate.


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