Wednesday, September 14, 2005

INDIAN Women Power: An INDIAN woman saved the lives of 40 bounded labourers

INDIA, is mother of brave and courageous children, One of her daughter shows extreme bravery and co-operation, by which she saves the life of 40 bounded labourers.

Rajana Dixit, advocate by professon in Bhopal (City of Lake, Taj-Ul-Masajid or capital of heart state of INDIA) Court, helped two labourers Ganesh Singh and Ramavtar Singh, both were run away from a Crashen (It's a workplace where big stones are split into different size of stone, it need heavy machinery and lots of labours), located in Devri, nearby Saagar district (Saagar district, known for Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, whoes Pharmacy department famous in foreign countries only due to its pure standard). Ganesh and Ramavtar were among the 40 bounded labourers working of Crashen in Devri, but they escaped from Crashen and asked help from Ranjana Dixit for saving the lives of other bounded labourers. Than Ranjana, filed a petition against owner of Crashen, in Madhya Pradesh Human Right Commission, and arranged a meeting of these two labourers with assistant Labour Commissior of state. Than Officers took this case seriously and got free all 40 labourers from Crashen.

This success true story only got sucess by the co-operation and wonderful approach of Ranjana Dixit, I proudly say that she represent the power of INDIAN Women.


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