Monday, August 06, 2007

Leading A Movement: Boycott Olympic In China And Save Tibet

Mahatama Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement's Founder and convener Dr. Mahesh Yadav and G. Sec. S. Sukhvinder Singh appeal to World community and Politicians and Olympic Players to Boycott 2008's Olympics due to Beijing. And the Dr. Mehash Yadav and .Sukhvinder Singh are distributing written material and aware of thousands of Indian people for Tibet cause.

Olympics is a symbol of World Peace, hourmeny & Brotherhood, but China is a Country where Democracy does not exist and Freedom too. Therefor China does not deserve Olympic Games because it is a Dictator, Killer of Tibetans, Killer of Freedom, Killer of Democracy,Kidnapper of Panchan Lama, killer of International Law, Killer of Human Rights, Killer of Environment, Killer of World Peace, Killer of Humanity and Killer of Indian Faith.

The Organization appeal to everyone to read the attachment poster and send appeal to International Olympic Committee to Cancel the Beijing Olympic in 2008.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mission 2007 extends period, sets new targets

Noted Indian scientist and visionary Prof. M.S. Swaminathan has put forward new targets and goalpost for his Mission: Every Village A Knowledge Centre during fourth convocation of Mission 2007.

Swaminathan Research Foundation (SRF) making its all efforts to develop knowledge based rural society. The Mission 2007’s efforts and initiatives are really motivational for other organizations, which are working for rural development.

The three days event was really excellent. The distinguished panelists gave new dimensions to Mr. Swaminathan’s idea.

Meanwhile, there is a big demerit of Mission 2007. Obviously, it’s my personal view. That is many big companies working in ICT like Microsoft, Intel, Wipro, TCS etc are the partners of the mission. No doubt, they are fulfilling their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR), but, they are willing to use the village knowledge center as their customer care center or product selling points as they are much aware of unexposed potential market of India.

Even, during the convocation, representatives of their companies invited to give presentation or lecture on ‘Social Inclusion In Access To The Benefits Of Digital Technology’. But, some of them did what can be expected from a business organization.

Above all, the Mission 2007 has initiated a unique project to bring change in rural Indian society therefore they deserve appreciation in this regards.

It’s my first installment on Mission 2007’s convocation. I will write some more items on it. You can visit mission’s portal for more info.