Thursday, September 08, 2005

Positive Aproach: Changing mindset of INDIAN rural society

Banjara community, calls the one of most backward community in rural Central INDIA. But one dicision taken by the authority (Panchayat) of Bajara community of Laxmanpura village, in Madhya Pradesh state.

Merriage of Prem Singh, son of Nathu Singh, Laxmanpura village sets with Pipalibai daughter, of Babu Singh, Raina village. But Prem Singh refused to marry with Pipalibai, as she has short hight (dwaft). Then Babu Singh took this matter at fron of Village authority (Panchayat). Panchayat took the matter very seriously and fined 13,000 (around $290), at Nathu Singh's family.

It shows the positive and changing approach of rural INDIAN society, which is consider biased of tradition.


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