Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It was time when everyone in village tried hard to save themself and their families. Nobody bother about other villagers, as there village covered with flooded water. It was the flood situation of TekePaar Village, in a tribal district of Balaghant, located in heart land of INDIA.

Flood water reached in every house of village, and it was kept on rising.Now villagers were shifting towards highty place for saving their lives. It was very difficult task, and for old people and children it seems impossible. But a young man Amarlal Dhamde( In Hindi or Devnagari language name is Amar +Lal, and Amar means, never ending) shifted about 100 villagers of 70 families upto highty place in very critical flood situation. He dedicated for saving the lives of villagers, while saving their life he forgot about his own life and he was drown.

"He was God for us as he gave his life for saving the lives of 100 villagers", said Nandlal, whose family had also saved by Amarlal.

"He was set up an example of courage for youths. His sacrifies was always live in the mind of people now he was Amar (Never ending) ", expressed by Amrit ( Nector means in Hindi)Limhare. Amrit was close friend of Amar who also helped Amar for saving the lives of villagers.


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