Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sign of INDIAN harmony

A 200 year old Chuch, which was constructed in 1805, in Hoshangabad town (currently famous for Soyabean crop), 60km from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, (Sanchi, Khajurao and Bhimvetka like UN's heritage site sitauted), will be restore by the fund collected from the local people of town.

Hoshangabad town, known for holy river Narmada and temple of Hindu Gods, so most of Hindus are live in this town, and Christian are very less in quantity. But, people of all religion come up with their financial support for restoring this old Church.

The step of collecting fund from people of all religion is an idea of Mr. Kidwai, District Megistrate. "As Hoshangabad is an Hindu pilgrimage, so all people of this town have responsibility, to care all religious place it's doen not any matter from which religion they belong" said Mr. Kidwai.

The Chuch is most old church of Madhya Pradesh state.


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