Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An INDIAN physically challenged youth develop world's first Hindi's Internet Explorer work on window 98

Jagdeep Dangi, a young man from a Ganjbasoda town of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, a Soyabean (one type of crop used for producing eating oil) rich state of INDIA make world's first Hindi's Internet Explorer. Jagdeep, son of a farmer (INDIA is agriculture based economy) has little problem in clear vision.

Weakness in english language inspired this software engineer (he have bachlor in engineer from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (SATI), a government college of Vidisha district) to do some thing for people who are not knowing and also have no interest in learning english language. Than he begin work on developing an Internet Explorer in Hindi. Now he got success in his work and gives some thing to INDIANS to proud on this young man.

He also prepare a English to Hindi (Devenagari) translator and a English to Hindi (devenagari) dictionary which have over 20,000 words.

Unfortunately, Jagdeep Dangi do not get anybody who can purchase his exllent invention in the field Computer.INDIAN Governemt's IT Ministry already refuses to purchase it.
In an interview Dangi said "If this software developed by any internatinal company so INDIAN government purchase on very high cost, but as this exellent invetion done by their own countryman they even not pay attention on it".

Jagdeep Dangi E-Mail ID's are : &

Monday, August 29, 2005

To Encourage INDIAN Rural Women

A Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh's highest ruling authority approved a scheme for encouraging the rural women for higher education. "GAON KI BETI", i.e. daughter of village is name of this scheme.

Under this scheme a girl student of each village who is getting first devision (more then 60%), in her higher secondary examination (XIIth), get benefit in this scheme. Government gives free higher education to selected villager girls also provide Rs 500 (about $12), per month.

India is very much energetic country and developing very speedly, but still INDIAN Rural Women are not much aware as compare to women of urban area. Due to their less awareness and illitrateness they all suffer for whole life. So the step of Madhya Pradesh government is very much appreciating.

But, the government only selected 4,000 girls student from whole state, which too less as compare to total population of girls in state.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Aware INDIAN society

A family is expelled from their caste because they burn their daugher-in-law.
It's a unique case in traditional gripped and superstitious INDIAN villager culture, this shows the awareness amongs the rural INDIANS.

In Ruppura village of Neemach district of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, ruler authority of villager i.e. PANCHAYAT, expelled family of Kishanlal Jalotiya from their caste because they burnt their daughter-in-law as her poor family unable fulfilled the demands of her in-laws or DOWRY.

It's a positive sign in rural Indian society which is now keep on changing and youths are adopting the broadminded thinkings.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

INDIAN TALENT: Engineering student make enviroment friendly AC

Air Conditioners are expelling Cloro Floro Carbon (CFC), which results whole in OZONE layer. That gives tension on the face of scientist.

Now its good news for those people which are want to use AC and also having enviroment friendly nature. Students of University Institute of Technology (Barkatullah University, Bhopal INDIA) make a AC, which have fifth time less cost than the Air Conditioner available in market.

A five member team of technical students give "UNCONVENTIONAL AIR CONDITIONER", name to their invention, which works on the principle of "Evoparate Cooling". More shoking thing that they are not using Condentioner, Evoparator and Compressior which are use in normal AC, this thing make their convention different.

"We are waiting for any multunational company to hire over project, and give us space for more work on this topic", said Tushar Bhatnagar one of member of invention team of student.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Religion is prefer than LOVE

A man is burn by the cigrattee by his father-in-law because he loves her wife and they got marry without the permission of their family member clearly its a case of " ELOPS MARRIGE".

Ravi, son of Baburam belonging to Hindu pilgrimage Ujjain, falls in love of a Muslim girl of Bhopal, which is better known place for its Gas tragedy, than they decided to got marry without the permission of their parents, And after one year all situation seems to normal.

Than father of girl bring her back to Bhopal from Ujjain, then in reply Ravi file a complaint against girl's father in Bhopal.Then in punishment of LOVE girl's father burn his son-in-law by cigrattee, but fortunately the boy is not got serious injury.

But injury is not any matter, matter "Is religion is not teaching LOVE or religion is other name of LOVE"

I used fake name for protection of victim boy

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Superstition dominated over Science

In a small but farming rich village of Pipalya the villager women pushing bull cart by them self for pleasing rain God, accourding to Hindu myth "Indra Devta".

It's not happening first time, we were doing this activity from many past year for good rain", reveal a villager women Viashli who is preparing for take pake part in this happening.

Most of women of village gather at a temple and offer prayer at 9:00 o'clock than they are walking towards their field for pushing Bull Cart by their shoulders, and singing some holy songs they performed this thing for one hour and return back to home.

Most of them are believing that Rain God watching their activities and he is definetly feciliates them by giving GOOD RAIN, Is it possible?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

LIFE IN TOUCH: Eunuch Procession

Aishwarya and Priety Zinta both are famous actress of Indian Film Industry, But on August, 21 both's name are easily hear from the mouth of eunuch's lovers on the streets of Bhopal City.

On August 21, eunuchs or incomple mans are gathers from the all over the country for take part in Bhujariya Festival processio which have its own history as it begin from the time of Nawaabs in this ancient City.

Now as time is keep on changing so the way of this festival also changing, during this processon some fans of beutiful eunuchs are organized a dance and modling compitition which give boost to local media photo journalist.The eunuchs are not so much charming as girls but they are looking more sexy than Pamela Anderson.

"We are take part in dance competition and modeling compitition for giving dias to , we work hard for practice", said an Old Eunuch

Voluntary Death

In Jain religion if any old person who have not any responsibility to fulfill, would ask for voluntary death or can perform "SALLEKHANA".

In recent incident Ratan Bai from Ganjbasoda performs Sallekhana, as she leave taking food from past sex month before she die and only taking the juicy items during performing "Sallekhana".

Now question is that Is such performing official should be allowed to do? or they should intrupped in relious believe? its not good or easy thing to think and do.

But Sallekhana, strongely supports mercy kiling which is illagised in only three countries of world.