Thursday, November 17, 2005

Isabelle Anna of France performs KATHAK in Bhopal

Isabelle Anna, young French Kathak dancer, was stage a performance at Bharat Bhavan on Tuesday as part of the seven day programme "Rangotasava", organised by Ravindra Amatuer Natya Group.

Isabelle Anna, has been living in INDIA since 2001 as a scholar of the INDIAN Council for Cultural Relations in Delhi. First trained in Bharatnatayam at the age of five as well as Western music, Ballet and Drama, she started to train in Kathak with Sharmila Sharma, a disciple of Pt. Birju Maharaj, in 1998 in Paris at Centre Mandapa (created and directed by her parents).

After completing her Honours Course diploma at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, under the guidance of Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj, she is now doing her final year in Post diploma. She has performed extensively in France, Italy and INDIA.

She toured seven cities in INDIA under the aegis of Alliance Francaise during 2004, including Bhopal at Bharat Bhavan. Her recitals include the traditional repertoire of Kathak and her own choreographies on Western music.She has just turned back from Europe where she gave numbers of performances in Paris for major dance festivals, and at Nehru Centre in London.

During her Bhopal visit Isabelle Anna said "In Bharatnatyam however, I always felt there was something missing. I was always looking for something diffenent and than Kathak entered in my life". On INDIAN culture she comments " INDIAN culturen is very rich in diversity.There is so much of divergence on a common theme".

Thursday, November 10, 2005

SEX & TERROR: Nirbhay Gurjar

Notorious decoit of Chambal Ravine ( Chambal River flowing in Central Indian states Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh ) Nirbhay Gurjar was shot dead by special task force on November, 07 in Itawah district of Uttar Pradesh. Nirbhay Gurjar, carrying a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh wanted in more than 32 murders and more than 200 kidnapping cases. Nirbhay Gurjar was considered very much high tech decoit of Chambal Ravine, as he used mobile phone and used to administrate his gang by the help of mobile.

Nirbhay Gurjar a symonym of terror in villages of Chambal Ravine had enjoyed a complete SEX-LIFE. Nirbhay had done four marriages, and he was free to had SEX with any women member of his gang, that make him different than other past decoit.

Seema Parihar, bandit queen is busy in shooting of "Wounded" movie making on her life, was first wife of Nirbhay Gurjar. They married in 1987 and after three year Seema Parihar eloped with decoit Lalaram.

Munni Pandey, was second wife of Nirbhay. Munni Pandey eloped with Munna Gurjar ( son of Nirbhay's brother), as Nirbhay gunned her in the age of 19.

Neelam, married with Nirbhay in age of 20 was more beautiful and good looking than his previous wife. But Neelam eloped with Shyam Jatav ( Nirbhay Gurjar's adopted son) and surrendered in July 2004.

Sarla, wife of Shyam Jatav began to lived with Nirbhay as wife (her father-in-law) after her husband eloped with Neelam (third wife of Nirbhay).

In 70's Decoit Life was most liked subject for Bollywood directors. Many film based on life of decoit got tremedreous response from INDIAN audiance as director showed decoits Hero in their movies who helped poor peoples. But Nirbhay's phase showed reality of decoit life.