Sunday, July 06, 2008

Congress-SP Alignment: ‘Time Pass Mechanism’, in which SP will pass But Congress Will Fail

Logic behind the alignment between Indian National Congress (I) and Samajwadi Party (Socialist Party) is very clear and visible. Both parties desperately looking to avoid election as their principle enemies i.e. BJP (for Congress) and BSP (for SP) are having upper hand over them.

Samajwadi Party’s support will help Congress-run United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to go ahead with Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Energy Deal and save lose of face globally.

Meanwhile, the arrangement will help Samajwadi Party more as compare to Congress as Mulayam Singh will able to use power for benefits of his party in order to make strong ground before upcoming Lok Sabha Election and compete with powerful Mayawati.

On the other hand, Congress has to be accept junior partner’s position in UP and have to pay for all this mess.

Political Theory

There is a new theory circulating in political circles of New Delhi. According to this theory, Left parties has pushed Samajwadi Party towards Congress in order to avoid early election and save their own face as they can’t support government, which is firm to go ahead with Indo-US deal.

If this is right, than it turns all things into ‘Two Party Zero Sum Game’, clearly the gain of Left-Samajwadi combine is exact lose of Congress.

If Left wants to withdrawn support, then they can do it on the basis of inflation, their favorite issue. This helps them to gain lost ground among people. But, they have some other plans,” a senior Lawyer, who worked with Indira Gandhi, said during an informal discussion on the issue.

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