Monday, October 17, 2005

Religion or Poverty? reason for young terrorist produces by Pakistan

On October 8, a devastating earthquake hit in Pakistan administrated Kashmir, whose capital is Musafarbad. More than eighty thousands people died in quake. And on one aspect most of terrorist training camp of Pakistan destroyed due to quake. Pakistan, hired the foreign unemployed or needy youth for terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir state of INDIA. Along with foreign terrorist, Pakistani youth also adopting this wrong way and involve in terrorist activities.

What are the reason for Pakistani Youth joining the terrorist training camp?
Do they join due to religion or poverty compells them to do so?

Pakistan wastage it's most of annual income in purchasing destructative items, due to which Pakistan public suffer from a serious disease whose name is poverty and specially in Sindh ravine region. So Pakistan government giving an employment facility for it's young generation that is joining terrorist camp. It shows that the young generation or unemployed youth of Pakistan have only option or die due to hunger or to join the terrorist training camp.
After joining the terrorist training camp this youth are taught of "Jehad", and their mind is set by some alleged commonder. They teach them about religion or "Jehad", in so impressive way that the youth adopt the thinking of a terrorist.

What do you think on the youth terrorists produce by Pakistan? How they become? and What are the reason?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

INDIA's Aids awareness: Sex Education in NCC camp held in Bhopal

National Cadet Corp or NCC, is a army wing of students, that train students about the army in country. After joining NCC a cadet enjoy very dicipline life. NCC cadets also shows their usefullness in a any disaster as rescue workers.

In first time sex education being given to girls NCC cadets during a camp, in Regional Institute of Education in Bhopal. In a camp of about 700 girls cadet, the information about the Aids and Hiv also give by experts.

As after South Africa, Hiv positive and Aids affected people found in INDIA. But now the awarness among the people increase day by day by the some good measures by government like above example. It will take some years for rooting up of Aids from country if people shows little bit safty during sex by using condoms. INDIAN government providing free condoms to poor people for controlling the increasing number of Aids patients.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

INDIAN Jawans save the life of Pak soldiers

INDIA and Pakistan are traditional rival due to alleged disputed Kashmir region. But, after the distructive earthquake on Oct, 8 that shook Pakistan worsely, INDIA forgets their past relation with Pakistan and supplies assistance for the earthquake victims.

In a recent incident, which shows the kindness and peaceloving nature of INDIAN armymen can brigde some distance between two neighbours. A Bunker in which Pak soldiers diployed for security of Aman Setu, devasted by earthquake and due to which Pak soldiers trapped there. Moreover they were not getting any releif material or food supplies from Pak side due the disconnection of Supplies lines of Pak army. Than some army officials and soldiers of Pak army asked assistance from INDIAN Jawans. Jawans of INDIAN army shows spirit of kindness and humanity, gave assistance to trapped Pak soldiers and above all they also helped them for rebuilding of bunker.

This shows the true spirit or humanity of Jawan, all INDIAN have proud on them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

INDIAN Religion Harmony: Hindu man kept "Roja" and Muslim man kept "Upwaas"

They do not watch any differnce between their religion, in their view both religion are same that is why they interchange the way of praying to God or showing devotion to God. A unique example of religious harmony or brotherhood set by Ramesh Vadhmare and Saiyyad Subir Ali of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh state, can change the thinking of some hardliner groups also those political parties which makes distance between persons by their religion or cast, community only for their political benifits.

Ramesh Vashamare, who belongs to Hindu religion keeps "Roja" (fast called by Muslims) in holy month of Ramajan, for showing his faith and devotion in God. "I believe in one power, who run the whole world either he called as 'Bhagwan' (God in Devnagari) or 'Allah' (God in Urdu)", said Ramesh on phone.

Similarly, Saiyyad Subir Ali, who belong to Muslim religion keeps "Upvas" (fast called by Hindus) and worship Goddess Durga during Navratri festival. He has been installing idols of Goddess Durga for past five year. On asking about his unique work he repeated the same thing said by Ramesh.

This two men in INDIAN society brings a point that new INDIAN generation would bridge the gap between this two religion.

INDIA Religion Harmony: A Muslim family worships of Hindu Goddess from past 12 year

In holy month of Ramajan Muslim brothers are busy in offering "Namaj" (Prayer) and keeping "Roja"( fast in Ramjan Month). But Ayub Khan, of Chhindwada city of Madhya Pradesh state, offers "Puja" (Prayer) to Hindu Goddess Durga and keeping "Upawas" ( fast in Hindu festivals). Ayub khan prove that if our devotion is pioused so we can cross any barrier of religion which are set by human being.

Ayub Bhai spoke "Some 12 year back i had lost my three children in successive years, and i was very much disappointed. Than on suggestion of my Hindu friend i and my wife walked to Mehar (Temple of Hindu Goddess), for fulfillment of our desire. And we got blessing of Goddess and we has a beautiful daughter".

"This all be possible only due to miracle power of Goddess Durga from that day i become worshipper of Goddess Durga", he said in devotional mood.

Now, one step of Ayub Bhai in past of true devotion become an symbol for other Muslim and Hindu in his locality. And all members of locality install idols of Goddess Durga in tableau under Sarva Dharm Samiti (All religion committee for Navratri celebration), and give a message of religious harmony and brotherhood to society.

Monday, October 10, 2005

INDIA Religion Harmony: A Muslim man give stuff for Hindu festival

Aalam Israil, of Jabalpur city (Known for Bhedaghat Water Fall) in Madhya Pradeh state, doing some holy work in sacred month of Ramjan. He is spreading message of religious harmony between followers of Hindu and Muslim religion or stream. Aalam, preparing the effigies of Devil King Rawana, for Dussahara celebration, one of most celebrated festival of Hindus.

"My grandfather establised firework business in this beautiful town, and my father continue this work as business but i wants to work for my society so i decided to prepare effigies of Rawana devil, which would used in Dusshara festival of Hindu brothers, along my inheritent business of fireworks", quoted Aalam Bhai.

I have been doing this work for last 30 years, he added.

Many time INDIA had faced riots, but in current time INDIANS are breaking their traditionally backword images, in every field. Along this some alleged Hindu and Muslim hardliner groups try to creat unhealthy atmosphere in country for their own benefits, but they never got success in their aims as INDIAN people are very much aware now.

Definitely, in future every INDIAN would adopt the approach of Aalam Bhai, and become symbol of brotherhood like Aalam Bhai.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Right of Information Act in INDIA

Right of Information Act (RIA) passed by INDIAN parliament (World largest democracy) in May-2005, under article-19 of constitution, will be operate through the country from October,12.

RIA, will give a dias to ecomomically lower and middle section of INDIAN population for solving their problems, which they feel in slow government system or official administration. If any person wants to take information about any government proccedure or activity than he directly goes to higher athorities. If athorities try to hide or escape form real facts than the official would held under RIA.This act can change the official system which considered to be slow due to which most of foreign investors not want to invest in INDIA. Now aware INDIAN citizen can improve system by having RIA and that give boost or incouragment to oversea's investors in highly resourcefull country.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saba and Farah Shakeel: INDIAN Conjoint Twin

They like to play Carum, they are fan of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and like normal children they do not like to go school, but they are challenge of Medical science again like Laleh and Laden Bijani, conjoint twin of Iran, in their case medical science fails to save their life, and we lost Bijani twin, but not hope.

Saba and Farah, these are the names of 10-year-old twin joint with heads. Doctors of Apollo hospital of INDIA and John Hapkin's Children Centre of America going to operate them for separation, if Saba and Farah's parents give permission. Yesterday, Dr. Benjamin Carson, a neurosurgeon from America, said that Saba and Farah, can be saparated sucessfully, but the final decision of surgery only taken after the satisfaction in all tests.

Facts of Operation: *Operation will be complete in six steps, it would take about nine months, *Saba and Farah have only single artery, which supply blood to brain, *Farah has two kidnis but Saba has none.

Above all only prayer can work for these innocent twin, they are two life but one soul. And finally their operation definitely get success, as they are hope of human beings.