Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Worldwide Non-cooperation Movement Against China

New Delhi, India: Noted social worker and internationally recognized blood campaigner Dr. Mahesh Yadav has organized three days worldwide non-cooperation movement against China just after conclusion of his month-long Europe visit. The movement organized from June 19 to 23 for mobilizing support for Tibetan cause.

Further information about recently concluded non-cooperation movement, Dr. Yadav says that he has presented five point memorandum to Indian President, Prime Minister and ambassadors from 101 countries in New Delhi under the three day movement.

The Five point memorandum for the sake of "Save Tibet-Save Humanity" is:

(A) Creating of Tibet into a Place for Heaven of Peace on Earth

To push China to turn Tibet which is under its capture, into a place for "Heaven of peace" on Earth as like that of the holy Vatican city and go for unconditional dialogues with H.H. Dalai Lama to bring about a peaceful solution to Tibet's issue so that brutally snatched away human rights of Tibetans can be restored and moreover H.H. Dalai Lama, a noble laureate and the paramount religious leader of Tibetans, who is the follower of the Gandhian path of peace, truth , non-violence and compassion is dedicatingly committed to create Tibet into a non-violent, peaceful and hatred free place on Earth as and when it gets freed by China.

(B) Immediate Release of H.H. Panchen Lama

To push china to immediately release H.H. Panchen Lama, a 18 years old prisoner in China, who was imprisoned by China when he was only 6 years old on 14/5/1995, as and when H.H. Dalai Lama declared him as "Panchen Lama".

His release is immensely necessary for the sake of the dignity of the humanity as a whole and also as he is the youngest most and most innocent political prisoner not meant for to be in prison but rather he is meant for spiritual and humanism upliftment in the world and moreover such a young, innocent and philanthropist person well how can be in any way a threat to China, as hypothetically considered by China and at the top crores 'n' crores of humans on Earth along with all the Tibetans in the world are emotionally attached to him.

China must also in category be pushed to produce H.H. Panchen Lama before the world if he is still alive, immediately.The act of putting an innocent child into life imprisonment by China is such a blot on the humanity that nothing can be so brutal to humanity, hence China must be pressurized to immediately release him.

(C) Cancellation of 2008 Olympic Games in China

The Olympic games of 2008 going to held in China, must be immediately cancelled because these games are a symbol of universal brotherhood, peace, amity, friendship and integrity and China is entirely against all this and moreover China is grossly acting and disseminating against all this and too China is a violent, repressive, draconian, cruel and anti - peace country, as also since last 48 years Tibet had been under its forcible and brutal capture moreover, its hand is stained with blood of lakhs of innocent and peace loving Tibetans.

Amazingly, were almost all the countries had enacted laws to curb child labour and bonded labou, China had have forcibly employed child labours, bonded labours and prisoners for constructing infrastructure like stadium, grounds, etc. for the forthcoming olympics games and is brutally exploiting them, this act of China is staright way making jokes and hardly kicking away the emotions of the countries who had enacted these laws, which in order is also a very henious blot on the humanity.

Hence, restrain your country from participating in these games and support in its cancellation.

(D) Saving of the Earth's environment and not letting the China to make life on Earth hear the death knell

Tibet which is situated as a "Roof of the World" used to be wonderfully environmentally balanced and enriched with natural resources but China after brutally capturing it had turned it into a graveyard of the innocent Tibetans and nuclear weapons & military zone which is day by day making the world approach to hear the death knell.

Due to the fact that China conducting regular nuclear tests on Tibet plateau, dumping nuclear harmful waste on it, rapidly destroying the green virgin forests & other natural resources and diverting the route of the rivers originating from Tibet have deadly endangered the life on Earth and it is imminent that one day life on earth will hear the death knell.

Hence, China must be pressurized to immediately stop all this to sustain and nurture life on Earth.

(E) Pressuring China to Stop Sponsoring Terrorism

If we minutely observe and analysis the ever increasing Terrorism and Violence in the world we will be definate that China is mainly behind all this and which is quite evident from the fact that Pakistan the originator of the Terrorism is being aided with the nuclear power by China and too the weapons seized during the arrest of terrorists are China made and also the recent thereat to the life of H.H. Dalai Lama by the terrorist organization ' Lashkar-E-Toyabba' palpably through the role of China in upholding the Terrorism.

It is evident that in the coming time if China is not forced to stop sponsoring terrorism it will come strongly as a chief villain of the world.

Hence, for the sake of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, China must be forced to stop sponsoring the terrorism and aiding Pakistan.
Dr. Yadav also working on a documentary “My Ideal H.H. Dalai Lama” says that the documentary film of Tibetan issue will be release on eve of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi ( October 2 ).

In a telephonic interview, Dr. Yadav says that he has selected eve of Gandhi Jayanti for releasing of documentary because United Nation decided to observe October 2 as ‘International Non-Violence Day’.