Saturday, September 10, 2005

Should Mercy Killing Be Legalised in INDIA?

Hope, Love and Faith gives fruitful and dignified life to human being. Everyone in the world has the right of living and dying. Human being and animals both are creation of the same God, but human beings live with dignity and also have right of good and dignified death.

If any person suffers from any incurable disease and want to die, it means that he is demanding a painless and dignified death, than he should be allowed to die or killed by doctor i.e. he should be allowed th commit physically assisted suicide because it is his right. For making this type of death reasonable, mercy killing should be legalised.

Euthanasia i.e. when a patient issuffering from any incurable disease and there is no hope of any recovery, than he can for physically assisted suicide or mercy killing. Euthanasia is legalised in Netherland and Belgium.Due to some disadvantage of mercy killing the hot debate is going in many countries. For overcoming the disadvantageof mercy killing or euthanasia the public of United States suggested legalisation of living will, a statement written by a mentally alert patient in which he seeks the delebrate death with dignity statue. So mercy killing should be legalised in the form of legalisation of living will.

It is doctor's duty to restore the heath of his patients and reducing their sufferings. Now in some typical cases patients have no hope of any recovery and their sufferings are continuously increasing.Now, for ending their suffering they needed "mercy death", now its doctor's duty to reduce their suffering so he should assist his patiets for "seeking suicite" for performing his job honestly and littlebit of kindness. In such cases many doctors are punished indirectly they are punishes for their dutyfullness, this is very wrong message for professionals or human being. So Mercy killing should be legalised.


Blogger Ayush said...

could euthanasia be legalised in india among certain circumstances prevailing in the modern world?

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