Sunday, September 24, 2006

George W. Bush Compared With Hitlar

US President George W. Bush's photograph potraying him like Fasicst Hitlar after his failure in policies on 'War On Terror'. Photo Courtys from

Friday, September 15, 2006

Gandhi Giri- Reviving The Truth

Satyagrah - To Find Divine Sparks Inside The Evil-Doers

Literally it means holding fast for the truth. It is based on truth and non-violence, while former is end and later is mean.It was a new political weapon introduced by him in INDIA after its sucessful application in South Africa.

According to Gandhiji, a true Satyagrahi is fearless and follow the cause of concious self-suffering. While struggling against evil-doers, he do not developed hatred for evil-doers, that is hatred, word, is not get place in Gandhiji's dictionary. It can be practice by strong people. It is the courage of deing without the killing. It is not a symptom of weakness and cowardish. He would prefer violence in place of cowardish.

According to Gandhiji, Satyagrahi gives fair chance to evil-doers for change of heart. He would appeal to the divine spark of the evil-doer for the innovation of the truth. Nobody knows absolute truth, but, use non-violence if feciliated the emergence of the truth.

He used fasting, a volunteery give up of food and water in Satyagrah. But he favoured fast as a last resolt after other techniques of Satyagrah got failed.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gandhi Giri – Reviving the Truth

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Why Gandhi Giri attracts mass towards theater?

It proved the relevancy and acceptability of Gandhian ideology among the India youth, which blamed to be dieing after some institution or universities, claimed, to be not get student’s proper participation in Gandhian studies courses.

It’s time to revive the thoughts of Gandhi Ji, the father of nation, who once time titled with ‘Kesher-E-Hind’ by the British government after his support in First World War.

Gandhi Ji’s Means And Ends

Gandhiji attached the purity of both means and end. According to him, non-violence is a mean to attain the truth-which is end. He also stated that impure means could pollute the end just like a bad seed resulting into a bad plant. His concept of means and ends, have totally religious, ideologically, influence as he gave “Ramrajya”—based on them.

Gandhi Ji On Non-violence

According to him, non-violence is not merely avoidance of physical injuries. He also gave wider meaning to his concept of non-violence by giving positive dimension to it. If a person and an animal are suffering from incurable disease, then he/it will be act of non-violence to take his/its life. He further broadens non-violence by adding harass-speech and bad thinking as violence.

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