Monday, October 10, 2005

INDIA Religion Harmony: A Muslim man give stuff for Hindu festival

Aalam Israil, of Jabalpur city (Known for Bhedaghat Water Fall) in Madhya Pradeh state, doing some holy work in sacred month of Ramjan. He is spreading message of religious harmony between followers of Hindu and Muslim religion or stream. Aalam, preparing the effigies of Devil King Rawana, for Dussahara celebration, one of most celebrated festival of Hindus.

"My grandfather establised firework business in this beautiful town, and my father continue this work as business but i wants to work for my society so i decided to prepare effigies of Rawana devil, which would used in Dusshara festival of Hindu brothers, along my inheritent business of fireworks", quoted Aalam Bhai.

I have been doing this work for last 30 years, he added.

Many time INDIA had faced riots, but in current time INDIANS are breaking their traditionally backword images, in every field. Along this some alleged Hindu and Muslim hardliner groups try to creat unhealthy atmosphere in country for their own benefits, but they never got success in their aims as INDIAN people are very much aware now.

Definitely, in future every INDIAN would adopt the approach of Aalam Bhai, and become symbol of brotherhood like Aalam Bhai.


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