Saturday, October 15, 2005

INDIA's Aids awareness: Sex Education in NCC camp held in Bhopal

National Cadet Corp or NCC, is a army wing of students, that train students about the army in country. After joining NCC a cadet enjoy very dicipline life. NCC cadets also shows their usefullness in a any disaster as rescue workers.

In first time sex education being given to girls NCC cadets during a camp, in Regional Institute of Education in Bhopal. In a camp of about 700 girls cadet, the information about the Aids and Hiv also give by experts.

As after South Africa, Hiv positive and Aids affected people found in INDIA. But now the awarness among the people increase day by day by the some good measures by government like above example. It will take some years for rooting up of Aids from country if people shows little bit safty during sex by using condoms. INDIAN government providing free condoms to poor people for controlling the increasing number of Aids patients.


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