Monday, October 17, 2005

Religion or Poverty? reason for young terrorist produces by Pakistan

On October 8, a devastating earthquake hit in Pakistan administrated Kashmir, whose capital is Musafarbad. More than eighty thousands people died in quake. And on one aspect most of terrorist training camp of Pakistan destroyed due to quake. Pakistan, hired the foreign unemployed or needy youth for terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir state of INDIA. Along with foreign terrorist, Pakistani youth also adopting this wrong way and involve in terrorist activities.

What are the reason for Pakistani Youth joining the terrorist training camp?
Do they join due to religion or poverty compells them to do so?

Pakistan wastage it's most of annual income in purchasing destructative items, due to which Pakistan public suffer from a serious disease whose name is poverty and specially in Sindh ravine region. So Pakistan government giving an employment facility for it's young generation that is joining terrorist camp. It shows that the young generation or unemployed youth of Pakistan have only option or die due to hunger or to join the terrorist training camp.
After joining the terrorist training camp this youth are taught of "Jehad", and their mind is set by some alleged commonder. They teach them about religion or "Jehad", in so impressive way that the youth adopt the thinking of a terrorist.

What do you think on the youth terrorists produce by Pakistan? How they become? and What are the reason?


Anonymous Ankit Thakur said...

Your topic is interesting but your English is pathetic.
Sorry to say but you need to go back to school and check your grammar.
Otherwise an important and vital message will get lost.

3:24 PM  

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