Friday, October 07, 2005

Right of Information Act in INDIA

Right of Information Act (RIA) passed by INDIAN parliament (World largest democracy) in May-2005, under article-19 of constitution, will be operate through the country from October,12.

RIA, will give a dias to ecomomically lower and middle section of INDIAN population for solving their problems, which they feel in slow government system or official administration. If any person wants to take information about any government proccedure or activity than he directly goes to higher athorities. If athorities try to hide or escape form real facts than the official would held under RIA.This act can change the official system which considered to be slow due to which most of foreign investors not want to invest in INDIA. Now aware INDIAN citizen can improve system by having RIA and that give boost or incouragment to oversea's investors in highly resourcefull country.


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