Tuesday, October 11, 2005

INDIAN Religion Harmony: Hindu man kept "Roja" and Muslim man kept "Upwaas"

They do not watch any differnce between their religion, in their view both religion are same that is why they interchange the way of praying to God or showing devotion to God. A unique example of religious harmony or brotherhood set by Ramesh Vadhmare and Saiyyad Subir Ali of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh state, can change the thinking of some hardliner groups also those political parties which makes distance between persons by their religion or cast, community only for their political benifits.

Ramesh Vashamare, who belongs to Hindu religion keeps "Roja" (fast called by Muslims) in holy month of Ramajan, for showing his faith and devotion in God. "I believe in one power, who run the whole world either he called as 'Bhagwan' (God in Devnagari) or 'Allah' (God in Urdu)", said Ramesh on phone.

Similarly, Saiyyad Subir Ali, who belong to Muslim religion keeps "Upvas" (fast called by Hindus) and worship Goddess Durga during Navratri festival. He has been installing idols of Goddess Durga for past five year. On asking about his unique work he repeated the same thing said by Ramesh.

This two men in INDIAN society brings a point that new INDIAN generation would bridge the gap between this two religion.


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