Thursday, October 13, 2005

INDIAN Jawans save the life of Pak soldiers

INDIA and Pakistan are traditional rival due to alleged disputed Kashmir region. But, after the distructive earthquake on Oct, 8 that shook Pakistan worsely, INDIA forgets their past relation with Pakistan and supplies assistance for the earthquake victims.

In a recent incident, which shows the kindness and peaceloving nature of INDIAN armymen can brigde some distance between two neighbours. A Bunker in which Pak soldiers diployed for security of Aman Setu, devasted by earthquake and due to which Pak soldiers trapped there. Moreover they were not getting any releif material or food supplies from Pak side due the disconnection of Supplies lines of Pak army. Than some army officials and soldiers of Pak army asked assistance from INDIAN Jawans. Jawans of INDIAN army shows spirit of kindness and humanity, gave assistance to trapped Pak soldiers and above all they also helped them for rebuilding of bunker.

This shows the true spirit or humanity of Jawan, all INDIAN have proud on them.


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