Friday, August 26, 2005

Religion is prefer than LOVE

A man is burn by the cigrattee by his father-in-law because he loves her wife and they got marry without the permission of their family member clearly its a case of " ELOPS MARRIGE".

Ravi, son of Baburam belonging to Hindu pilgrimage Ujjain, falls in love of a Muslim girl of Bhopal, which is better known place for its Gas tragedy, than they decided to got marry without the permission of their parents, And after one year all situation seems to normal.

Than father of girl bring her back to Bhopal from Ujjain, then in reply Ravi file a complaint against girl's father in Bhopal.Then in punishment of LOVE girl's father burn his son-in-law by cigrattee, but fortunately the boy is not got serious injury.

But injury is not any matter, matter "Is religion is not teaching LOVE or religion is other name of LOVE"

I used fake name for protection of victim boy


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