Saturday, August 27, 2005

INDIAN TALENT: Engineering student make enviroment friendly AC

Air Conditioners are expelling Cloro Floro Carbon (CFC), which results whole in OZONE layer. That gives tension on the face of scientist.

Now its good news for those people which are want to use AC and also having enviroment friendly nature. Students of University Institute of Technology (Barkatullah University, Bhopal INDIA) make a AC, which have fifth time less cost than the Air Conditioner available in market.

A five member team of technical students give "UNCONVENTIONAL AIR CONDITIONER", name to their invention, which works on the principle of "Evoparate Cooling". More shoking thing that they are not using Condentioner, Evoparator and Compressior which are use in normal AC, this thing make their convention different.

"We are waiting for any multunational company to hire over project, and give us space for more work on this topic", said Tushar Bhatnagar one of member of invention team of student.


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