Monday, August 29, 2005

To Encourage INDIAN Rural Women

A Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh's highest ruling authority approved a scheme for encouraging the rural women for higher education. "GAON KI BETI", i.e. daughter of village is name of this scheme.

Under this scheme a girl student of each village who is getting first devision (more then 60%), in her higher secondary examination (XIIth), get benefit in this scheme. Government gives free higher education to selected villager girls also provide Rs 500 (about $12), per month.

India is very much energetic country and developing very speedly, but still INDIAN Rural Women are not much aware as compare to women of urban area. Due to their less awareness and illitrateness they all suffer for whole life. So the step of Madhya Pradesh government is very much appreciating.

But, the government only selected 4,000 girls student from whole state, which too less as compare to total population of girls in state.


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