Friday, September 15, 2006

Gandhi Giri- Reviving The Truth

Satyagrah - To Find Divine Sparks Inside The Evil-Doers

Literally it means holding fast for the truth. It is based on truth and non-violence, while former is end and later is mean.It was a new political weapon introduced by him in INDIA after its sucessful application in South Africa.

According to Gandhiji, a true Satyagrahi is fearless and follow the cause of concious self-suffering. While struggling against evil-doers, he do not developed hatred for evil-doers, that is hatred, word, is not get place in Gandhiji's dictionary. It can be practice by strong people. It is the courage of deing without the killing. It is not a symptom of weakness and cowardish. He would prefer violence in place of cowardish.

According to Gandhiji, Satyagrahi gives fair chance to evil-doers for change of heart. He would appeal to the divine spark of the evil-doer for the innovation of the truth. Nobody knows absolute truth, but, use non-violence if feciliated the emergence of the truth.

He used fasting, a volunteery give up of food and water in Satyagrah. But he favoured fast as a last resolt after other techniques of Satyagrah got failed.

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