Friday, February 10, 2006

An Indian couple does not meet for 60 years due to martial obstinacy

In a strange case of martial obstinacy, a couple in a village of Seopur district of Central INDIAN state of Madhya Pradesh did not meet each other since past 60 years and the husband passed away.

Bachheri village resident Shankar got married to Kudayatha village’s Narayani around 60 years ago. Accourding to the villagers, Shankar had gone to bring his wife from her home after the marriage but the “Vidai” (traditional way of bride’s departure from home) ceremony could not take place. Shankar vowed not go to his “Sasural” (Wife’s parental home called “Sasural”, in Hindi language) again.

On the other hand, Narayani swore not to go to her husband’s house until he himself came to take her. Their martial life passed away in “WAITING”. Shankar died in February, 7 leaving 75-year-old Narayani to live the life of widow.

This case shows rich culture of INDIA, both hunsband and wife passed whole life without meeting each other but did not re-marry.


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