Friday, January 20, 2006

An INDIAN religious fair converts sex fair

INDIA's culture and spirituality have a mark in world, which is attracting the foreigners. But a religious fair near Kanjara village, 180km from Central INDIAN city of Bhopal, become black spot on rich INDIAN culture.

A 42 days long ( December 20, 2005 to January 31, 2006) annual religious fair known as "Berihum Mela", going on Berihum Baba's temple, in Betul district. Thousands of Hindu devotees all over the country gather here for offering prayer at Berihum Baba's shrine, and also fulfillment of their wishes. Along with Hindu devotees, thousands of sex devotees also participating in fair for fulfillment of their sexual desires, as this sex lovers easily find their goddesses of sex (dancer girls) in fair.

In morning, fair begins with religious flavour, and in evening after opening of "Tamasha Tents" (show places or dance clubs) the fair dips in Sex and Wine. Hundreds of half naked dancer girls dance in dozens of "Tamasha Tents" on the tunes of hot Bollywood songs, to attracts customers of night.

Taggu, a 65-year-old seasoned tribeman has said "Our anciestors began this fair, in which we are praying for health and wealth of our family every year".

Mohan Patil, a shopkeeper in fair has said "I have been doing business in this fair since 1975. Now all things are changed, dancer girls doing prostitution on the name of art i.e. drama and dance."

"Few mean people destroying our culture and also hurt the sentiments of Hindu's for their own benefits, which is very unfortunate" Mohan added.


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