Monday, January 16, 2006

An INDIAN woman become challenged for Medical Science

Neehal Bai, a 69-year-old woman of Isaampura village in Ratlam district of Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, become challenge for medical science. Neehal Bai has not been eaten food since 1959. She only taking tea, three times in day for livelihood.

On asking, Why did she leave food, she answered "Before marriage i used to take food regularly but after marriage i felt illness for three consequetive months. Than i began to take tea instead of food. From last 47 year i did not touch food, even on festivals. I feel, if i would take food, than definitely i would fell ill."

Munni Kumar, 40-year-old Neehal's daughter, who lived along with her, said that "One time i forcefully put a piece of sweet in her mouth than she lost her concious. After that incident i have never tried to give her food forcefully."

Dr. Captain V.K. Oak, a retired medical officer has said that "It is impossible in the view of medical science but i accept it as a miracle.Two year before, i gave treatment to Nihaal Bai during a medical camp in Isaampura village, at that time she was suffering from virual fever, than i adviced her light food but she refused."

Dr. B.C. Chaturvedi, a retired medical officer of Civil Hospital in Aalot has said "I have seen Nihaal Bai, and also checked her health condition. I think she is healthy as her body's pulse and blood pressure, both are normal. I think her body get sufficient calory energy from tea, as she use to take tea three times in a day, that may provide about 700 calorie energy to her body, which is normally needed for a woman."

Most interesting fact about Nihaal Bai is that, she have five children and during pregnency she did not take food, and gave birth to healthy and normal children. Which is giving a challenge to medical science.


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