Saturday, January 14, 2006

An INDIAN lesbian attemps suicide due to social boundation

Seeta, a 19-year-old lesbian girl attemped suicide after her marriage with 18-year-old Vandana, in Kankarkhera of Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). Seeta and Vandna got married one week before in a Hanuman temple near their village. But Seeta and Vandana families did not accept their marriage, due to which Seeta attemped suicide. At present Seeta admit in hospital and her life strugling with death.

On other hand Vandna's family do not allow her to go outside that is they imprison her in home. Seeta,who considers heself husband of Vandna and wants to live with Vandna. But under the family pressure Vandna has denied marriage with Seeta.

But this incident shows bias nature of INDIAN society, where homosexuality consider be illegal. Parents of both girl did not adopt positive approach, that is unfortunate.


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