Monday, February 06, 2006

An INDIAN teacher claimed world record for teaching 78hr 45minutes

Madan Singh Bhadoriya, a teacher in Central School- Bihari Bal Mandir, in Bhind (Notorious for Bandits), in Central INDIAN state of Madhya Pradesh, claimed world record for teaching 78hr 45minutes. He taught his student continuous for five days and four nights. Now Madan is planning to apply in Guinness Book of world records. In Guinness Book continuous teaching record of 77hr registered, which Madan broke by 78hr 45minutes.

District Education Officer Rajesh Raghuwanshi of Bhind witnessed his record teaching, and formed a Video Cassette of his teaching. Rajesh has said, Madan bring pride for people of our state by setting world record.

Madan colleague Pyarelal Chourasia has said, previously Madan had tried two failed attempt in 2005, which are of 24hours & 18 hours, but this time he get success in setting world record.

After getting success in his third attempt Madan gave credit to his students, for their cooperation as without their cooperation he could not do anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He(madan ) is my maternal uncle every one pride on him at home for his great work toward our country

8:26 PM  

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