Tuesday, January 24, 2006

INDIA's Superstition: An INDIAN child offers tongue to Goddess

INDIA considers as a master of religion, faith and holy spirit but some wrong beliefs and superstitious activities in religions especially in Hinduism defaming the image of INDIA. Many Hindus had already accepted superstitions as their tradition like sacrifice animals and unfortunately their new generation following this tradition due to illitracy. A recent case of superstition in rural INDIA came into light.

Jagdeesh Pal, a 12-year-old boy, of Chhap village in Umariya district, of Central INDIAN state of Madhya Pradesh, has slashed his tongue by knife and offered to Goddess, as he thought after offering tongue, Goddess would fullfilled his all desires.

On Sunday night many Hindu devotees gathered at Sheramai Temple in Chhap village for offering prayer to Goddess. During prayer Jagdeesh Pal slashed his tongue and offered it to the goddess. After offering his tongue Jagdeesh Pal became unconsious and amazing thing is that instead of taking Jagdeesh to hospital, all devotees continued their prayer without any intruption and chanting Devi's Bhajans ( Devotional songs in mother Goddess praise ).

"I do not think that Jagdeesh has done anything wrong, he is free for showing his devotion for Goddess. He offered his tongue to goddess for showing his devotion and faith, and his way of showing devotion should not consider as superstitions, that may hurt his pios religious feelings", Chandramohan Das Vaishnav Bairagi, priest of Sheramai temple has said.


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