Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hindu devotees of an INDIAN village worshipped an infant baby for five days

A child survived for five days without breathing, without taking mother’s milk and above all this child was on siting position after the birth. Do you imagine birth of such child but it happened in a village of India, where Hindu devotees gave him status of God due to his abnormal physic.

On January 19, a resident of Kolan village, located in Central INDIA, Kalawati Wife of Dadoli Kol gave birth to her ninth child who was having abnormal physic. The tribal first scared and after sometime they began to worship him. Gradually, the news spread in whole village and villagers began to come at Kalawati’s home for “Darshan” (a word in Hindi used for having a sight of God). Although the child had died after five days of his birth but people were worshipping him as incarnation of Lord Shiva. The child was having long hair in the shapes of snakes on his back. His hair looked like the hair of Lord Shiva. Head of child was also abnormal, hard and heavy as compare to normal children.

At last the superstition and devotion has been closed, as the abnormal child died on January 24. Block medical officer Dr. Shyam sharma reached the place where he examined the child and told about death of child, but family members and devotees were not agree to bury the body. But the body of abnormal child cemented in presence of police. Even after his bury the devotees are coming continuously and offering coconut and scarf at his tomb.


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