Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baba Ramdev vs Vrinda Karat writes Babu Suseelan

Vrinda Karat's oppressed and stifled mindset was at its best when she issuedmeaningless and highly objectionable statements against Swami Ramdev.Indian Communists like Karat have distinguished themselves by the utmost lack of giftedness, by creative impotence and incapacity for thought. Their overt and covert hatred for India and Hindu culture was evident in Karat's pronouncement against Swami Ramdev.

The Communists have entered into an alliance with the multinational corporations and Christian fundamentalist>groups to destroy and malign Hindus and Hindu cultural ethos. While issuing pro-forma condemnation against Swami Ramdev, Vrinda karat and her fellow ilk have nothing to say about Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, and the economic exploitation of poor Hindus by the multi-national corporations.The more we understand how Communists think and function, the less likely weare to be paralyzed by the shock of their behavior, and the less likely we are to be taken by their ingenious cunning and manipulation.

Communism, Islam and Christianity are closed systems with rigid ideology.They oppose each other. But in India, they have established an unholy nexus to destroy our culture, social stability and spiritual heritage. Lately Communists, aligned with the multinational criminal organizations have been attacking Hindu social institutions and economic interest to please their slave masters. Most Hindus have no idea how ant-Indian the hardcore Communists truly are. The agenda of the unholy alliance has always been directed to attacking all aspects of our culture, tradition, economy, including undermining our military capability.

Vrinda Karat and their fellow travelers are truly a Fifth Column at work in Bharat.Christian-Muslim-Corporate-Communist alliance is designed to wage a battle against Hindutva and Bharat. Vrinda Karat and her fellow hired coolies are counseled to perform their tasks in such a way not to expose the dark hidden hands. These Communist obscurantist desire to hold the masses in darkness.It is also a terrible mistake to think, that the Communist condemnation of Swami Ramdev signifies the condemnation of Jihadi terrorism, deceptive Christian conversion and importation of discarded western Christian values inthe name of Globalization. Anti-Hindutva has become so deeply enmeshed withthe communist radical obsession of anti-Indian phenomenon? It takes lots of different forms.The challenge we face today is daunting. But we must meet them and conquerthem. If we don't, who will?


Blogger Vinayak said...

Hi !

That was an interesting post.

Your blog lead me to think of India, Hinduism and India's image in the world arena.

Communists, Indian Leftists and their cohorts seem to be attacking and maligning Indians regularly. They want Indian Civilization look like a bride burning civilization

To counter this, do Indians have organizations that promote India in the International arena, that boost our public image ?

India, a multicultural society, contributed immensely to Right livelihood (say our Dharma), Knowledge (right from Ship Building, Sashtras to Mathematics, Avaita), and political science (Arthashashtra for e.g.), medicine (ayurveda) over 2 millennium

However, thanks to the invasions, colonial legacy and partially our own disunity, Indians were stuck with a "..curry and snake charmers image .." for a 100 years. Even now, we seemed to have shaken that thanks to Info Tech and IT pros.

Be it politics or social issues, Why do Indians whip ourselves in public ? Look at the Ramdev Issue. We don't need Witzels and outsiders to smear us

Are we turning into a self hating civilization or is our media Left and anti Indian ?

More at
What is happening to the Kanchi Acharya ?

Gudia, a Muslim girl and Ramdev ji, a Hindu male !!




5:58 AM  
Blogger Pulkit Agrawal said...

Hi, I don't think I can agree to this article. I don't believe the author has right to criticize islam and christianity in this issue. The event might have been masterminded by MNCs for disturbing faith of people in Baba Ramdev, but it's really disgusting to give the issue a religious colour. Ofcourse, even I believe that Baba Ramdev might have effected negative effects on certain people, but it's like nobody is perfect and if he cures lakhs of people free of charge and negative effect is on a few people, it's quite acceptable.
Pulkit Agrawal

10:19 AM  

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