Sunday, December 18, 2005

Miss Uma Bharti on Ram Roti Yatra, again misusing religion

She is worship by INDIAN villagers, not for her political career but they consider her a Sadhvi & Sanyasin (holy women). In childhood Uma Bharti used to give religious discourse, due to it Hindu villagers (They constitute 70% of population of INDIA) consider her a holy women. But after entering in politics ( Bhartiya Janta Party), often she uses the religious sentiments of villages for her benefits.

Again, by the name of "Ram Roti Yatra" she tries to gain the support of Hindu men of Central INDIA. Uma Bharti, was expelled from Bhartiya Janta Party in indicipline, as she tried to get chiefministership of Central INDIAN state, Madhya Pradesh. After being expelled from party she got angry, and began "Ram Roti Yatra", Bhopal (capital of Madhya Pradesh) to Ayodhya (Hindu pilgrimage, or centre of 1993 Hindu- Muslim riots after demoliation of Babri Mosque by the members of an alleged hard Hindu group; Uma Bharti also had contributed for these riot).

No doubt, on the name of religion and little sympathy, she got very good response from villages especially from poor section of rural areas. Really she attracted huge crowd, by wearing saffron dress ( Saffron colour attached with Hindu religion). But villages do not know that she again befool them. After Yatra she would be get benefits, but do these poor villagers get anything?


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