Monday, January 02, 2006

Bedni's or rural INDIA's bar girl's determination on New Year

Women of Bedni community, who have bad name in rural society due to their profession, determines for construction of Goddess Temple in Karar village of Vidisha district, which is 50 km away from Central INDIAN city of Bhopal.

Bedni, a community or society, in which women are profession dancers of rural India. They are very much famous in Budelkhand region of Central India. All Bedni women, by their own or force to dance in celebrations like marriage, festivals.Women of this community get this profession in heritage, as a Bedni mother teachs her daughter dance or tradition of their community. As they can continously dance more than 3 hours normally, so many time they become addict of country made liqour for energy.

But, Aunty, a Bedni woman try to bring some positive things in her community, so their next generation girls would not adopt their tradition profession of dance. So she approached to 50 Bedni women of Kirar village, for a new begining in New Year. Then all 50 Bedni women decided to construct a Goddess temple at Hilly area of their village.

Kalli Bai, a village woman, who is a member of a local government body told to a representative of a local daily, "Every women of village would collect 2,000 (45$ ) for construction of temple".
And the determination of 50 Bedni women, give positive impact on their life. And also give a hope to all women of this community, that a liitle initiative can bring change in their life.


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Is there a way to make a donation and support this woman?

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