Saturday, December 31, 2005

Palwinder Kaur- Inderjit Kaur, an INDIAN lesbian couple

This is a story of a Punjab. Palwinder Kaur, alias Goggi, 23, of Shakri village, has been living with Inderjit Kaur, alias Indu, a resident of Sarhali village, at the former’s house.

Talking about these two, Palwinder Kaur, who will ready to take the responsibility of Inderjit Kaur, after their marriage as a husband and Inderjit Kaur will ready to enjoy a wife life with Palwinder Kaur. But they did not wants to marry and want to live together whole life.

"We met eight year ago first time, at that time we both were studing in Government Girls High School, Sarhali", said Palwinder on phone. "After that first day in school we meet continue, and i left my studies after 10th class but i regularly meet with Indu" She added.

"Our families try to separate us but they would not get any success, as we decided to live whole life together" said Inderjit.

Homosexual relationships are not very rare in INDIA. As rich INDIAN culture do not have any place for homosexual relationship, that is why many lesbian or guy couples hide their reality and forced to live a heretosexual life.


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