Saturday, December 10, 2005

In Madhya Pradesh Jails, women prisoner not allow to wear Under-Garments

It sounds or seems very odd and also unbelievable that Madhya Pradesh (Central INDIAN state) Jail department not provides undergarment to women prisoners, only due to a little fear or bias attitute of Jail department officials. Jail department fears that Women prisoners would use the undergarment for making sucide attempt.

This shameful attitude of Jail department come in light after the inspection of many jails in state by State Women Right Commission, which made under the supervision of Rajo Malviya, member of Madhya Pradesh Women Right Commission.

On this regard Rajo Malviya says "Jail department showing discrimination between men and women prisoners, as they do not provide undergarment to women prisoners".

Tommorrow, many protest, demonstration or rally would be organised to mark the World Human Right Day, but do we really saving human right? Do this rallies and demonstration stop the violation of human right? We can not stop violation of Human Right until our society should remove bias attitute. Like in this case Jail department prevent the women prisoners to wear undergarments. Does it not consider the violation of Human Right?


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