Friday, April 21, 2006

An Indian man divorces wife over a vote

Talaq,Talaq,Talaq (3 times uttering of divorce word), that’s all it took for a 25 year old marriage to end. In an yet another case of mindless use of the word “Talaq” (divorce), Biki Biwi, a 47-year-old woman is Salipur, Orissa was divorced by her husbands just because she voted against his candidate in a village election.

In a voting held to award a village road construction contract, Biki Biwi voted in favour of her brother while her husband wanted her to vote for his friend. “Over such a trivial matter I was divorced by my husband. How will I survive now”, cried Biki.

Soon after the divorce, a clash broke out between the respective families. But since the word talaq had already been uttered thrice, the community leaders have accepted the divorce and police intervention has not solved the problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello yaar
nice post

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Blogger Maya Cassis said...

the Indian man has to let go of his ego

5:53 AM  

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