Wednesday, March 22, 2006

EXTRA ORDINARY:: A school in India, whose all students can write two different language with their both hands simultaneously......well done boys

Veena Vadini, (Veena Vadini means Goddess Sawaswati, the goddess of knowledge according to Hindu mythology), is looks like a general Indian school by its building, teaching pattern and examination. But for some days these schools become famous in Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, due to the extraordinary act performed by the students of school.

This School started some five year before by a group of local teachers, now this school has 72 students between the age group of four to eight i.e. a primary level school, but all 72 students can write two language with their both hands simultaneously.

More amazing thing is that for this skill, the little children, practicing hard daily in classroom and fluent in many language also. What extra efforts they made for getting this skill is really extraordinary. And they all must deserve award for their skilled act in too little age.

The word of a student, Kamla, during a little chat with a journalist of a multimedia news agency, who bring Veena Vadini School firstly in light. “I know six languages—Hindi, Urdu, English, Roman, Sanskrit and Arabic. I can write two languages at one time,” said Kamla, a student at the school Commonly termed as ambidexterity, the ability to use both hands with equal ease is a rare and amazing feat.


Anonymous Polite Indian said...

Nice one!

Here is another school that has no teachers.

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