Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ajay Kumar, a South Indian dwarf superstar !

Ajay Kumar gives an outstanding performance in the hit movie “Atbhutha Dweep”, a Hindi word meaning “wonder island” in English. Kumar lives in the southern region of India.

This dwarf sized actor, fills the leading role in this movie. Kumar has received outstanding reviews for this role in Indian cinema. Even more impressive is that Kumar performs his own stunts like many normal sized actors.

Kumar is 28 years of age, and measures 2 feet, 5 inches in height. He weighs only 28 kg. Ajay Kumar has previously acted in 18 movies filmed in the southern regions of India, and is looking forward to working in Hollywood in the near future.

In the movie "Atbhutha Dweep", the hero falls in love with a tall princess and marries her. In real life Ajay Kumar is married to a woman of normal height, and they look forward to a normal and enjoyable married life.

Ajay Kumar formed an association in Kerala called “The Kerala Small Men Association”, which works for the welfare of dwarfs in the state of Kerala. Kerala, a state located in southern region of India, ranks in the top percentage of the well educated in India. The association of dwarfs has about 300 members. Ajay Kumar doesn't claim to be an actor of heroic proportions. "I think the image of a hero has changed. I am not glamorous like other superstars, but viewers like the talented character of the artist they see in me.”

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