Sunday, March 26, 2006

Does she have not right of living like normal children?

In India the groups of Eunuchs dance on the birth of child in every Home, and while dancing they checked the sex of child, if the child, would be sexually incomplete (some male or some female character), then they take the child with them and add in their group. They teach and trained the children as a complete Eunuch, by a typical process that called “Vilma”, under which the children have to live in a room, upto 18 year age, in the dress of woman.

And After this 18 year What the future of that child, ……….an eunuch……..who dance and sing on celebration…….who has no respect in society………never live alone………only could survive in a group…….or…….What could be disappointing then it.

Here one thing arise that, why the parents give their child to eunuch group? Do they fear of social dignity? But what will be the future of that child. If he or she has some incomplete sexual character i.e. neither he/she is a male nor a female.

I have met with Neelam in a temple, she is very beautiful and innocent girl, but she is not getting proper upbringing that she deserve, here I mean for specially love of mothers. Pittrah, who is taking care of Neelam and indirectly she is her guardian, has find herself very lucky, as she got a chance to pour affection on a child like a mother. But does she could give those entire things which Neelam deserve from her parents side, who gave birth to her.


Blogger som said...

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Blogger Diana said...

hi Som, thanx for ur comment on my blog. I have studied this topic in my gender classes. Eventually, i think its nt very easy to get a child away from its parents because i have read in many places that the eunuch community can easily trace out where abouts of these kind of children and they try to mindwash them to try and enter into this community where there is this godmother who takes care of all other transgenders.
They all have this desire of turning into women because they find this to be more respectable and feminity comes to them very naturally..the very fact that they dress up like a woman says it all.
I have read several stories where these transgenders try to bring in more and more children into their community.
But what u say is also true that many parents just give away their children to these people because of the fear of social stigma attached to them in bringing up these then what is the fault of the innocent children?
And to add to their miseries, there are very few people working for this cause.
Anyways, good post..i find these kind of topics very intersting..keep it up

9:25 AM  
Blogger Maya Cassis said...

oh my god!i didn't know about's difficult to raise children up in normal situations when there are some certain anomalies found in them.parents are parents because they should give unconditional love no matter what their child is born to them as.
sorry state of affairs

7:03 PM  
Blogger som said...

Many Thanks and welcome.........

8:18 PM  

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