Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An Indian man has made 57 failed attempts for passing high school exam, and still continue….

72-year-old, Radhakishan Gurjar, of Bhodra village, in Madhya Pradesh, India, has swore to not marry until he would not clear high school exam (10th). He has already tried 57 attempted but did not get success, and now going to give exam with the grandson of his brother Heeralal.

Now, this time he is appearing in exam in his 58th attempt, and confident for success. On his preparation of exam his close friend Jamuna Das has said that “This time he worked hard, and prepared well. We all villager praying for his success, and he definitely got success”.

Most interesting this that bring in this story that Radhakishan has strong eagerness for marrying in his age, and already started searching bride of his age, that shows his confident, that this time he will clear the exam.

Best of Luck Radha…………..


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