Saturday, March 18, 2006

An Indian folk singer killed, as he was not singing in tune

A very strange case occurred in Panna district of Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in which a folk singer was killed by two persons, as the accused blame singer for not singing in tune.

Pooran, a 40-year-old, folk singer was performing “Fag-Geet”, or “the song of February month” (Fagun in traditional Hindi Language), in the celebration of Holi, the festival of colour, in Mohar Majra village of Panna district, on yesterday night. During the function, two tribal men Babulal Gorh and Mihirpoora Gor blamed on Pooran for not singing in tune.

And finally in anger these two tribal men attacked on singing team of Pooran with “Laththa” or “an oily bamboo stick”. Pooran and his four companions hospitalized later by district authorities, and during treatment Pooran died.

In my personal experience, tribal of that particular region are not violent. Even after drunken lot they look normal, and they are very supporting and friendly. But this case really unfortunate and strange for me…………..


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the incident is very bad ... shows lack of symathy on the part of the villagers

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