Saturday, March 11, 2006

MILESTONE :: An Indian HIV-positive woman will contest election in local government election in Eastern Indian state of Assam

An 29-year-old HIV-positive woman, Jhanavi Goswami, is preparing to contest the Assembly election in Eastern Indian state of Assam.

Jhanavi Goswami, is the first women of country, to publicly come out with her positive status. As she began her struggle after her husband died due to AIDS, and than her in-laws left her in miserable condition when she and her two-year-old daughter tested HIV positive. Unfortunately, she lost her daughter, some month before.

Now Goswami involve in AIDS awareness programmes, as she is an active member of Assam Network of Positive People and started propagating blood tests before marriage rather than matching horoscopes."I feel that the issue of HIV/AIDS and political decisions are very closely linked. The AIDS awareness campaign would benefit with my joining politics. I will devote equal time to the anti-HIV campaign and politics," she said in an interview, which telecast by a leading Indian news channel.

Jhanavi Goswami, have put a milestone in society, and set an example for other HIV positive people, for adopting positive and optimistic attitude.


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