Friday, June 12, 2009

Bangla Burma Oil Row

Myanmar removed its two naval warships Thursday from ‘disputed’ oil exploration site in hydrocarbon rich Bay of Bengal after Bangladesh sought help of China for defusing tension.

Myanmar’s decision came after four-days of standoff with Bangladesh over its exploration adventure in territory, claimed by Bangladesh also.

Citing security concerns, South Korean company Daewoo on Wednesday suspended 200-man exploration project, employing Indians, Americans and Australians and withdrew three ships. Earlier, Dhaka urged Seoul to ask Daewoo to withdraw its vessels from territory, claimed by both countries.

“We came to know Korean company Daewoo had suspended exploration in view of security problem and, maybe, the Myanmar authorities had accepted the suspension of exploration,” a top Bangladesh official quoted by New Age newspaper as saying.

Tensions between Rangoon and Dhaka began after Yangon sent an oil-exploration vessel escorted by two naval warships for drilling in undecided territory, located some 30 miles south of Bangladesh’s Saint Martin Island in Bay of Bengal.

In response, Bangladesh immediately deployed four naval warships in region and later sent a three member delegation to Myanmar for solving crises diplomatically.

Some media reports claimed that United States was behind the tension between military-ruled countries. Meanwhile, US Embassy in Dhaka denied American hand into crises.

Both improvised nations have been in talks for many years for demarcating their boundaries in Bay of Bengal but talks were failed so far.

Experts from both countries are scheduled to meet on November 16 and 17 on this issue.

From News Store: 09 November 2008


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