Friday, June 12, 2009

Indian Cricket League

The ‘rebel’ Indian twenty20 tournament, Indian Cricket League (ICL), got major relief on Tuesday when Indian Cricket Board agreed to meet with its representatives.

Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) chief Shashank Manohar gave commitment to ICC Board for holding talks with ICL officials.

World Cricket body is under pressure to prove its power as strong Indian Cricket body has threatened its legitimacy in global cricket order.

Recently Sri Lanka Board has decided to not go ahead with a test tour to England and committed it’s international players for IPL in return of a ‘bailout’ package offered by Indian Cricket Board. Sri Lanka’s decision shows growing clout of Indian Cricket body.

Experts consider BCCI’s acceptation of talks with ‘unofficial’ league is first step towards official recognition of ICL.

The battle of recognition of ICL gained momentum last month when its official met with ICC chief David Morgan last month in London. It was first meeting between rebel league and world body.

Last year, BCCI has opened its lucrative twenty20 tournament, Indian Premier League, following the launch of ICL. It banned cricketers associated with ICL for playing all form of official matches and impressed upon other cricket boards to follow.

Indian Cricket League is getting reasonable response from fans in subcontinent due to presence of international players from several countries, including Australia. Daniel Martyn, Staurt Law and Jason Gillespie are among the Australians cricketers associated with it.

It has nine teams. It added Dhaka Worriers, compromising almost ex-national team of Bangladesh, as ninth team this year. More than 100 million people from around the world (expect South America) will enjoy this ICL 20s tournament.

From News Store : October 15 2008

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