Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PM's statement in the Lok Sabha

On account of the controversy relating to the allocation of 2G spectrum, the precious Winter Session of Parliament was lost. Our country can ill-afford a situation where Parliament is paralyzed and important legislative business is not allowed to be considered. In paralyzing Parliament, I believe, we all do disservice to those who have elected us.

Our Government is committed to root out corruption and has acted expeditiously and transparently in this direction. A CBI investigation into the allocation of 2G spectrum is being supervised by the Supreme Court. Also, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament is seized of the matter and the Government is fully cooperating with it. We also have the report of the Independent Inquiry Committee set up under the Chairmanship of Justice Shivraj Patil, which is in the public domain. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has also acted with expedition.

Our Government believed that as all effective steps were being taken, we might have been able to persuade the Opposition not to insist on a JPC. We could not succeed inspite of our sincere efforts. We can ill-afford a situation where Parliament is not allowed to function during the crucial Budget Session. It is in these special circumstances that our Government agrees to the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Committee.

We are a functioning democracy and must strive to resolve our differences in a spirit of accommodation and collaboration not confrontation. This, I hope, will renew our confidence in India's forward march. I am, therefore, requesting the Honourable Speaker to proceed with the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee. A formal motion in this regard will be moved soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is lalji chavda, journalist from ahmedbad, gujarat. read your blog , very interesting and full of information. read your previous article. Pranbhakaran article was excellent. please write on godhara verdict.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Som said...

thanks Lalji for your kind words. I'm still learning writing as my core area is research. I'll surely pick up something over Godhara verdict after research.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Som Patidar

10:17 AM  

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